Major League Baseball
1953: Boston Braves moved to Milwaukee.
1954: St. Louis Browns moved to Baltimore and became the Orioles. Won in 1966 (12)
1955: Philadelphia Athletics moved to Kansas City.
1958: Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angeles;
1958: New York Giants moved to San Francisco.
1961: Washington Senators moved to the Minnesota and became the Minnesota Twins.
1966: Milwaukee Braves moved to Atlanta.
1968: Kansas City Athletics moved to Oakland. 1972-73-74 (4)
1970: Seattle Pilots moved to Milwaukee and became the Brewers.
1972: Second Washington Senators moved to Arlington, Texas and became the Texas Rangers.
2005: Montreal Expos moved to Washington, D.C. and became the Washington Nationals.

National Football League
1937: Boston Redskins moved to Washington, D.C. Won in 1942 (5)
1946: Cleveland Rams moved to Los Angeles.
1960: Chicago Cardinals moved to St. Louis.
1963: Dallas Texans moved to Kansas City and became the Kansas City Chiefs.
1982: Oakland Raiders moved to Los Angeles. Won in 1984 (2)
1984: Baltimore Colts moved to Indianapolis.
1988: St. Louis Cardinals moved to the Phoenix, The team was renamed the Arizona Cardinals in 1994.
1995: Los Angeles Raiders moved back to Oakland
1996: Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore and became the Baltimore Ravens. Won in 2001 (5)
1997: Houston Oilers moved to Memphis and became the Tennessee Oilers, renamed the Titans in 1999.
1999: Cleveland Browns reborn in 1999.
2016: St. Louis moved back to Los Angeles.
2017: San Diego Chargers moved to Los Angeles.
2020: Oakland Raiders moved to Las Vegas.

National Basketball Association
1955: Milwaukee Hawks moved to St. Louis. Won in 1958 (3)
1957: Fort Wayne Pistons moved to Detroit.
1957: Rochester Royals moved to Cincinnati.
1960: Minneapolis Lakers moved to Los Angeles.
1962: Philadelphia Warriors moved to San Francisco.
1963: Chicago Zephyrs became the Baltimore Bullets
1963: Syracuse Nationals became the Philadelphia 76ers.
1968: St. Louis Hawks moved to Atlanta.
1971: San Diego Rockets moved to Houston.
1972: Cincinnati Royals moved to Kansas City/Omaha, and in 1975 and became the Kansas City Kings.
1973: Baltimore Bullets move to Landover, MD and become the Washington Bullets. Won in 1978 (5)
1977: New York Nets, one year after the ABA-NBA merger, become the New Jersey Nets.
1978: Buffalo Braves became the San Diego Clippers.
1979: New Orleans Jazz moved to Salt Lake City, becoming the Utah Jazz.
1984: San Diego Clippers moved to Los Angeles.
1985: Kansas City Kings moved to Sacramento.
1997: Washington Bullets changed name to Washington Wizards
2001: Vancouver Grizzlies moved to Memphis.
2002: Charlotte Hornets moved to New Orleans. In 2014, absorb Bobcats rename to Hornets
2008: Seattle SuperSonics became the Oklahoma City Thunder.
2013: New Orleans Hornets become New Orleans Pelicans.

National Hockey League
1976: California Golden Seals became the Cleveland Barons, absorbed into Minnesota North Stars in ‘78.
1980: Atlanta Flames moved to Calgary. Won in ’89 (9)
1982: Colorado Rockies moved to New Jersey and became the New Jersey Devils.
1993: Minnesota North Stars moved to Dallas and became the Stars. Won in 1999 (6)
1995: Quebec Nordiques moved to Denver and became the Colorado Avalanche. WON IN 1996 (1)
1996: Winnipeg Jets moved to Phoenix and became the Coyotes.
1997: Hartford Whalers became the Carolina Hurricanes. Won in 2006 (9)
2012: Atlanta Thrashers become Winnipeg Jets.